Sonic toothbrush, a good alternative

The choice of toothbrush is individual. Our preferences when brushing our teeth are as individual as we humans are.

One prefers to clean old school by hand. The other swears by his electric toothbrush with a rotating brush head. Many rely on a toothbrush with sound.

So what is the best toothbrush?

There isn't. It is presumptuous to say that a sonic toothbrush is the ultimate. Likewise, the good old manual toothbrush is no better than an electric toothbrush or a sonic toothbrush.

It all depends on how you use the toothbrush in question. Dental hygienists and dentists know: You can achieve just as clean teeth with a manual toothbrush as with a sonic toothbrush.

The prerequisite is the right cleaning technique. Not too much and not too little pressure. Brushing motion from red (gums) to white (teeth). If you observe a good technique when brushing your teeth, teeth and gums are cleaned effectively and gently - without any electrical drive.

No cleaning technique necessary with the sonic toothbrush

However, the problem lies right here. Many people find it difficult to get used to good technique. They often do not know how to clean properly. Accordingly, dentists and dental hygienists often recommend switching to a sonic toothbrush in these cases.

It makes it easier for the user. He does not have to pay attention to the cleaning technique. A lateral movement along the dental apparatus is sufficient. The rest is done by the sound waves transmitted from the toothbrush handle to the teeth and gums.

The sonic toothbrush allows the user to effectively clean teeth and gums. Without the need for special knowledge of a cleaning technique. It therefore offers a good alternative to all those who are unsure about their technology.

As with almost everything in life, the same applies to toothbrushes: try them out. You can test the mate sonic toothbrush for 100 days without obligation.